17 Mar

It is possible to eat ginger and drink tea with lemon to maintain health, but the therapeutic effect of these products against coronavirus has not been proven. This was stated at a briefing in Geneva by Michael Ryan, Director of the World Health Organization's (WHO) Health Emergencies Program, which was broadcast on the organization's Twitter.

Anything that helps people feel better while treating a cold or flu can have a positive effect on their health, Ryan said.

“But this is not the same as saying that it is effective against a disease. There is currently no therapy that has been proven to be effective against COVID-19, ”he said when asked if ginger would help protect or cure the virus.

Earlier, nutritionists said that ginger contains essential oils and alcohols of gingerola, making it an excellent antiseptic. They noted that the root can be chewed to disinfect the oral cavity, but this is only an aid to the immune system, not a full-fledged treatment. Experts have dispelled the popular belief that this product is a source of vitamins B, E and C.