13 Mar

Green tea. 

While some scientists are working to create a vaccine against covid, others are actively studying the properties of natural plant products that can defeat the virus. Right now, the Internet is discussing the news of the sensational discovery of German researchers. They put regular green tea in the top 3 products that can give us natural protection from the COVID.

Triple killing power

Scientists from Germany took an experiment conducted by the Japanese in 2016 as the basis of their research. Using a meta-analysis, Kazuki Ida, Hiroshi Yamada, and Yohei Kawasaki found that gargling with tea can have a high prophylactic effect on influenza infections. To test the efficiency of this theory, the Germans chose classic green tea (specifically, Japanese sencha) and prepared it by infusing 3 g of leaves with 0.1 g of ascorbic acid in 300 ml of freshly boiled water for 4 minutes. As a result, the five-minute "contact" of the virus with green tea resulted in a 1.0 log decrease in infectivity, and the titers of SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, were reduced by about 80% with green tea. Also, green tea has shown itself to be an extremely effective remedy against all influenza A viruses: their infectivity is reduced by 99%!

The antibody titer is the limiting dilution of serum at which antibodies can be detected. It allows you to assess the number and variety of antibodies in human blood and the strength of the body's immune response correlating with them.

Scientists managed to achieve an even greater effect with chokeberry juice (inactivation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus occurred by as much as 96.98%). In addition, exposure of the virus to the juices of chokeberry, elderberry, and pomegranate resulted in a decrease in infectivity by 3.17, 0.67, and 1.0 log, respectively.

To maximize the effect, you can add a little chokeberry and pomegranate juice when brewing green tea. The resulting "cocktail" is able to protect you from infection by the "corona" by 97%.

How it works

According to scientists, the antiviral activity of plant products can be based on acidic pH, which is able to inactivate viral particles, or on polyphenols and phenols (catechins, tannins or flavonoids), which can directly act on viral and cellular proteins. Thus, it was proved that green tea catechins destroy the structure of the virion, and epigallocatechin gallate combines viral particles to prevent their interaction with target cells. Thus, the composition of various antiviral active components, acting in different ways, is a powerful mixture that prevents the introduction of a viral infection into the body.

Scientists advise you to regularly rinse your mouth with infusion of green tea so that the COVID-19 virus has no chance.

At the same time, it is very important to understand that plant components create a minimum of risk for us. Classic antiseptics for the oral cavity, which are used for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes, always contain various aggressive agents (ethanol, chlorhexidine, cetylpyridinium chloride, hydrogen peroxide and povidone iodine). Unlike chemicals, green tea and juices can be used more often and will not harm your health if you swallow them.

Rinsing the mouth and throat with tea carries no risk with long-term use and can be a good prophylaxis before and after contact with patients during the current COVID-19 pandemic. This remedy is especially recommended for people with a high risk of infection or a severe course of the disease, including medical workers, the elderly or people with weakened immunity, as well as children, pregnant and lactating mothers.