18 Mar

The other day in one of the issues of a Japanese agricultural newspaper, an article was published in which it is recommended to gargle with green tea, increasing immunity and lowering the risks of infection with the corona virus.

A few days earlier, one of the magazines published a rating of products that can be used to protect oneself from a malicious virus. Green tea was in the first place. The power of its antioxidants has long been proven by modern science, including their powerful antiviral and bactericidal experiences. In one of the experiments (already many years ago) it was established in the laboratory that even green tea very strongly diluted with water kills all the cholera bacteria added to it.

The Japanese have known about the antiviral and bactericidal agents of green tea for a long time and more than once saved themselves with green tea from plague epidemics in the Middle Ages.In addition to antioxidants, Japanese green tea is rich in vitamins and especially vitamin C. 

I do not recommend buying vitamins and other supplements in incomprehensible capsules, when you can get them from delicious and aromatic green tea from Japan.I do not recommend green matcha, as it contains a lot of caffeine and it is problematic to drink it regularly even for this reason. In addition, this tea, like Japanese green tea gekuro, is grown in the shade, which reduces the amount of antioxidants by almost half (few people know about this and everyone trumpets about matcha antioxidants), shading tea bushes also leads to a loss of vitamin C - in matcha more than in 4 times less vitamin C than, say, my signature takachiho powder grown in the open sun. 

In general, growing tea in the shade for the sake of the increased taste of umami and theanine is not a very healthy topic, but it is heavily promoted by global marketing. Now you know. The high degree of promotion of matcha tea on a global scale made it an object of profit for many unscrupulous sellers, who often promote low-quality match fakes from China, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries that have no relation to Japan to the market. Let me remind you that matcha is Japanese green tea.In general, I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to drink high-quality and delicious green tea, that is, the one that I send by parcels in sets from Japan. This will help boost immunity and curb the unbridled coronavirus. I especially recommend powdered green teas - they instantly and completely dissolve in water and you actually eat 100 percent of all green tea without a trace, getting all the benefits from it, including invaluable fiber and water-insoluble vitamins.

This information was obtained by me first-hand, including during an internship at the state research institute of tea in Japan. I recommend my correct teas not only and not so much as a seller, but as a certified Japanese tea instructor and purposeful defender of all progressive humanity.