07 Jun


BP1 : East KTDA dearer up to 50 cts for brighter types with mediums dearer 2 cts and plainer types easier 5/10 cts, West KTDA generally easier 5/10 cts, Nandi irregularly dearer 25 cts to easier 26 cts, Limuru dearer 6/8 cts, Kericho dearer 4/10 cts, Uganda irregularly dearer 8 cts to easier 4 cts. 

PF1 : East KTDA generally easier 4 cts with selected types dearer 3/4 cts, West easier 3/5 cts, Nandi easier 4 cts to dearer 7 cts, Limuru easier 2 cts, Kericho dearer 4/6 cts, Uganda dearer 4/8 cts. 

Good demand 

PD : Best East KTDA sharply dearer 20/30 cts, others easier 4/6 cts. West KTDA irregularly dearer for brighter types, others easier 2/4 cts. Nandi steady to 2/3 cts easier, Limuru easier 2 cts. Kericho easier 2/4 cts. Uganda firm. 

D1 :` East KTDA irregularly easier 2/5 cts. West KTDA firm to 2/4 cts dearer. Nandi and Limuru easier 2/4 cts, Kericho firm. Uganda dearer 10 cts. 

GOOD demand AT IRREGULAr rates CLOSELY following QUALITY 

BP: Limuru firm . Kericho firm to 7cts dearer. Uganda dearer 3/6cts PF: Limuru 4cts easier. Kericho irregularly 2/8cts easier to 2/5cts dearer. Uganda up to 30cts dearer. 

PF2: Kericho 20cts easier with plainer types 2/4cts dearer. Uganda 1/6cts easier 

FNGS 1 : East KTDA highly irregular closely following quality 35cts easier to 50cts dearer. 

West KTDA highly irregular closely following quality 38cts easier to 34cts dearer . Nandi N/A. Limuru irregular. Kericho 24cts easier to 26cts dearer. Uganda N/A 

FNGS: Limuru 8/13cts easier. Kericho 2/11cts easier with selected types 17/24cts dearer. Uganda 4cts easier to 7cts dearer. 

Dust: East KTDA 5cts easier to 3cts dearer. West N/A, Nandi N/A, Limuru 2/8cts easier. Kericho up to 8cts easier. Uganda 4cts easier to 5cts dearer. 

D2: Limuru 7cts easier. Kericho 6cts easier to 6cts dearer. Uganda steady. BMF: Nandi firm, Limuru firm to 7cts dearer. Kericho 4cts easier to 3cts dearer. Uganda 2cts easier to 2cts dearer.