08 Jul


BP1 : East KTDA easier 5/28 cts with selected lines firm to dearer 2/4 cts, Coloury and good leaf West KTDA firm to dearer 2/6cts, others easier 2/10cts Nandi dearer 6/12 cts, Limuru and Kericho firm to dearer 2/16 cts, Uganda steady to easier 2/5 cts. 

PF1 : East KTDA dearer 4/12 cts, West KTDA dearer 2/10 cts, Nandi dearer 4/16 cts, selected Limuru and Kericho dearer 2/4 cts others easier 2/10 cts, selected Uganda firm to dearer 2/10 cts others easier 2/8 cts. Improved demand at irregular rates 

PD : East KTDA dearer 4/10 cts, West KTDA dearer 2/6 cts. Nandi firm, Limuru firm to 2 cts dearer. Kericho irregularly firm. Uganda firm to 5 cts dearer. 

D1 : East KTDA dearer up to 10 cts, West firm to 2 cts dearer. Nandi and Limuru barely steady to 3cts easier Kericho firm. Uganda dearer 2/6 cts. 


PF : Limuru easier 10 cts, Kericho easier 5/10 cts, Uganda firm to dearer 8 cts. 

FNGS : East KTDA irregularly easier 10/20 cts to dearer 4/6 cts on selected types, West KTDA mostly easier 5/10 cts, Nandi irregularly dearer 30cts, Limuru firm, Kericho easier 5/8 cts, Uganda firm to dearer 4 cts. 

Dust : East KTDA dearer 2/8, West KTDA easier 6/10 cts, Limuru dearer 4 cts, Kericho irregularly dearer 4/6 cts with poor leaf types easier 5 cts, Uganda dearer 5 cts.