20 Mar


Tea is one of the common drinks. Along with coffee, it is very popular with a variety of flavors.

Since tea is a popular product, there are many competing industries for its production.

Packing tea in double chamber bags and loose.

At the moment, there are two types of tea, the most common of which is tea bags. Tea Bag is convenient for transportation, brewing, does not require additional funds in preparation, is compact, does not take up much space and at the same time retains all its useful substances. It is convenient to brew loose tea at home, but most often we are at work, which requires an economical use of time, therefore tea bags has replaced the Loose tea.

Loose tea and Tea bags is a different technological operation. For packing tea in tea bags, a special system of forming and counting bags is used, which is not required when packing tea in Loose. Bulk tea may or may not have individual packaging, while tea bags are required. When packed in a ready-made container, for example, a tin can is often placed in bulk without additional packaging. Some manufacturers decide to pack tea in a flow-pack - a gasset or a pillow. For this type of packaging, packing machines or semiautomatic machines are used, equipped with heaters, bag formers and a date stamp.

Equipment for packing tea.

Various equipment is involved in the production of tea bags, which together represent a complex of special technical devices that perform certain operations. In terms of functionality, the equipment can be different. Some machines only perform one operation, such as blending several teas or aromas. Others, however, are focused on performing multiple operations. The tea is immediately packed into bags, and then the same tea bags are packed. Such machines are called filling and packaging machines or semiautomatic machines. 

Semi-automatic and automatic tea packaging. Tea packing in sachet bags is carried out on machines of automatic or semi-automatic operation. Semi-automatic packaging machines can be effectively used in enterprises with an average volume of workloads. The machines are successful in large enterprises with a large volume of products. Packing tea in a ready-made container ("gasset", "pillow"). Some manufacturers do not use individual packaging, so tea packaged in a plastic bag is sold. The bag is dense enough to ensure safe storage of the product.

Other manufacturers decide to give their product a more presentable look by placing tea packed in cellophane in boxes, cans. As a rule, these are elite varieties of tea.

Automatic tea packing

If the semi-automatic equipment is designed to help the operator in carrying out the basic operations - sealing, forming the dose, cutting off the package, then the machine performs all operations independently, requiring only control over the consumption of packaging material and checking the quality of the product's appearance (degree of sealing, location of information, presence of scratches, deformed seams).