19 Mar


The amazing thing is tea bags. One half of humanity even denies their right to exist, the other gladly brews tea with them, and in their spare time comes up with how to use the used raw materials for the benefit of their body and their home. We have collected the most original and working ideas in one article.

Eye patches

Place the tea bags in the refrigerator to cool, then place them on your closed eyes for a few minutes to get rid of dark circles. The caffeine in tea will have a pleasant effect on the blood vessels in this part of the face. You will look much fresher and more cheerful. By the way, it is good not only for the skin, but also for the eyesight.

Moisturizing the skin

Re-brew used tea bags to moisturize dry skin. Let the "second" cool down and pour this infusion into a spray can. Then simply apply the resulting liquid generously to your skin. You can take the can with you for a walk and use it instead of an expensive cosmetic facial spray. If you don't have a can, you can simply dip a cotton swab in the liquid. Any tea will work, but the antioxidants in green tea are especially effective at rehydrating dry skin.

Help with sunburn

We all try to avoid sunburn, but sometimes they happen out of the blue. The spray made with the recipe above can help in this situation as well. In the event that the area of the burn is small, you can gently rub the damaged skin directly with a damp tea bag. It will be even more pleasant if you put it in the refrigerator for a short time.

Treating insect bites

Tea bags can also have a soothing effect on mosquito and other small insect bites. To do this, apply a damp, chilled tea bag to the bite-affected area. Tea can help reduce inflammation and irritation. This method is especially relevant for those who prefer natural remedies, rather than pharmaceutical preparations.