15 Aug



BP1 : East/West dearer 10/30 cts. Nandi dearer 6/20 cts. Selected Limuru and Kericho firm

to dearer 4/15 cts. Uganda dearer 5/20 cts.

PF1 : East dearer 2/12 cts. West firm to dearer 2/4 cts. Nandi firm to dearer 2/6 cts.

Limuru dearer 4/10 cts. Uganda firm to dearer up to 12 cts.

PD : East dearer 10/20 cts. West firm. Nandi steady to easier 2 cts. Limuru and Kericho easier 2 cts.

Uganda easier 2/4 cts.

D1 : East dearer up to 10 cts. West firm. Nandi steady to 2 cts easier. Limuru firm.

Kericho and Uganda easier 2/4 cts.

Sudan, Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS, Pakistan all very active and strong


Good General Demand (exception KTDA F1)


FNGS : East/West KTDA Fngs 1 upto 15 cts easier where sold. Nandi firm.

Limuru most firm to dearer 2/8 cts and sometime substantially more following quality,

Kericho firm to dearer 10 cts, Uganda firm to dearer 3/5 cts.

DUSTS : East/West KTDA around last levels, Nandi N/A, Limuru and Kericho steady around last,

Uganda about unchanged

Sudan, Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan, Kazakhstan all active on selected types, Somalia very active on the lower end of the market while UK was mostly absent.