01 Jun


BP1 : Best bright East KTDA firm to dearer 2/20 cts other medium and plainer types easier 2/15 cts, West KTDA firm on reserve price, Nandi and Limuru irregularly dearer 5 cts to easier 5/12 cts, coloury and good leaf Kericho firm to dearer 4/10 cts others easier 5/15 cts, Uganda steady to easier 5/15 cts. 

PF1 : Best bright East KTDA steady to easier 2/5 cts others easier 5/12 cts, West KTDA firm on reserve prices with many withdrawals without bids, Nandi easier 4/15 cts, Limuru easier 5/20 cts, Kericho easier 2/16 cts with selected lines dearer 2/10 cts, Uganda steady to easier 2/14 cts. Less demand 

PD : East KTDA easier 2/10 cts. West KTDA steady to 2 cts easier. Nandi easier 8/18 cts. Limuru easier 10 cts. Kericho easier 10/20 cts. Uganda easier 5/7 cts. 

D1 : East KTDA easier 4/8 cts. West KTDA firm. Nandi and Limuru easier 10/15 cts. Kericho easier 6/12 cts. Uganda easier 4/6 cts. 


BP : Limuru 3/13 cts dearer. Kericho 20/32 cts dearer. Uganda 2/12 cts dearer. 

PF : Limuru N/A. Kericho up to 20 cts easier with selected types firm to 3 cts dearer. Uganda 8/18 cts easier. 

PF2 : Limuru N/A. Kericho 8/14 cts easier. Uganda 6/16 cts easier. 

FNGS 1 : East KTDA carefully following quality up to 40 cts dearer with plainer lots discounted 10/16 cts. West KTDA firm where sold with reprints mostly neglected. Nandi N/A. Limuru 3/12cts easier. Kericho 16/28 cts easier with selected types 6/17 cts dearer. Uganda 12/16 cts easier. 

FNGS : Limuru 12/17 cts easier. Kericho 5/10 cts easier. Uganda 5/14 cts easier. 

DUST : East KTDA /10 cts dearer. West KTDA N/A. Nandi N/A. Limuru 5/9 cts easier. Kericho 2/6 cts dearer. Uganda 7 cts easier to 6 cts dearer. 

D2 : Limuru firm. Kericho 3/8 cts easier with selected types dearer. Uganda 6 cts N/A. 

BMF : Nandi 2 cts easier. Limuru 3 cts easier. Kericho steady to 2 cts easier. Uganda firm to 2 cts dearer.