04 Mar


BP1 : Selected East KTDA dearer 2/24 cts others easier 2/40 cts, West KTDA steady to easier 2/15 cts, Nandi very strong dearer up to 70 cts, Limuru firm to dearer 5/15 cts, Kericho dearer up to 40 cts, Uganda firm to dearer 2/10 cts.

PF1 : East and West KTDA easier 2/12 cts, selected Nandi firm to dearer 2/6 cts others easier 2/6 cts, selected Limuru, Kericho and Uganda firm to dearer 2/12 cts others easier 2/8 cts. 

Good demand following Flavour 

PD : East KTDA easier 2/6 cts, West KTDA firm to 2 cts dearer. Nandi dearer 4/8 cts, Limuru dearer 2/4 cts. Kericho dearer up to 10 cts. Uganda dearer 6/12 cts. 

D1 : East KTDA easier 2/8 cts, West KTDA easier 2/4 cts. Nandi and Limuru dearer 4/8 cts. Kericho dearer 4/6 cts. Uganda dearer 2/6 cts. 

GOOD demand following QUALITY 

BP: Limuru steady to 2 cts easier. Kericho 4 cts easier to 4 cts dearer. Uganda steady to 3 cts easier. 

PF: Limuru firm. Kericho irregularly 2/10 cts easier to up to 12 cts dearer for better types. Uganda barely steady to 15 cts easier. 

PF2: Kericho barely steady to 5 cts easier. Uganda irregularly 20 cts easier to 7 cts dearer. 

FNGS 1 : East KTDA often discounted up to 50 cts for plainer types with a few selected better liquoring types up to 30 cts dearer. West KTDA often discounted up to 40 cts for plainer types with better liquoring types up to 50 cts dearer. Nandi easier 2/16 cts. Limuru irregularly up to 16cts easier to 12cts dearer. Kericho 4/18 cts easier with a few better types 10/20 cts dearer. Uganda irregular . 

FNGS: Limuru irregularly 10 cts easier to 8 cts dearer. Kericho steady to 10 cts easier with a few better types 10/16 cts dearer. Uganda irregularly 2/8 cts easier to 2/10 cts dearer. 

DUST: East KTDA 5/8 cts dearer. West KTDA N/A, Nandi N/A, Limuru firm to 6 cts dearer . Kericho irregularly 7/16 cts easier with selected types 3/5cts dearer. Uganda 6/9cts easier to 4/14 cts dearer. 

D2: Limuru N/A. Kericho steady to 7 cts easier to firm to 6 cts dearer. Uganda N/A. 

BMF: Nandi steady to 2 cts easier, Limuru firm. Kericho fully firm tending dearer. Uganda fully firm.