25 Feb

Good and improved demand for the Current and Future Fresh Auction Offerings 242,022 packages (16.27m/kgs) on offer with 39.01% remaining unsold.

Leaf Grades (M2) Offerings: 130,720 packages (8.59m/kgs) – 33.05% unsold.

BP1: Best – Were irregular with some teas advancing by up to USC29 while others were discounted by up to USC24 and select invoices lost up to USC103. 

Brighter – Saw reduced competition and were firm to USC26 below previous levels. Mediums – KTDA mediums were steady to USC10 easier while plantation mediums lost up to USC26 but a few lines gained by up to USC14. 

Lower Mediums – Met good but irregular interest and ranged between firm to USC20 dearer with a few invoices gaining USC30 to USC40 to easier by USC15. Plainer – Were steady to dearer by up to USC16.

PF1: Best – Saw improved but irregular activity varying between firm to USC40 dearer for most teas to easier by up to USC18. Brighter – Appreciated by up to USC20.

Mediums – KTDA mediums were firm to USC15 dearer but a few lines shed up to USC6; plantation mediums advanced by up to USC7 and select teas were dearer by USC26 but a few invoices lost up to USC8.

Lower Mediums – Were irregular varying between USC16 dearer to easier by up to USC18. Plainer – Ranged between steady to USC23 dearer to easier by up to USC12.

DUST Grades (M1) Offerings: 84,080 packages (6.29m/kgs) – 39.44% unsold.

PDUST: Best – Ranged between steady to USC20 above previous levels to easier by up to USC16. Brighter – Were firm to USC15 dearer.

Mediums – Most KTDA mediums were steady at last rates but some lines varied between USC8 dearer to easier by USC5 while plantation mediums ranged between firm to USC12 dearer to USC8 below last prices.

Lower Medium – Appreciated by up to USC14 but some lines shed up to USC22. Plainer – Were well competed for and advanced by up to USC36 but a few teas lost up to USC12.

DUST1: Best – Were irregular varying between USC9 dearer to USC18 below last prices. Brighter – Firm at last levels .

Mediums – KTDA mediums ranged between steady to USC12 dearer to easier by up to USC9 where sold; plantation mediums were irregular with some invoices advancing by up to USC10 while others shed up to USC4.

Lower Medium – Were steady to USC14 dearer but a few lines lost up to USC20. Plainer – Saw more interest and gained up to USC26 but a few invoices shed by USC4 to USC10.

Secondary Grades (S1) Offerings: 27,222 packages (1.40m/kgs) – 12.12% unsold. In the Secondary Catalogues, BPs appreciated with PFs dearer. Clean well sorted coloury Fannings gained while similar DUSTs held value. Other Fannings were barely steady with DUSTs irregular but on balance dearer. BMFs were well absorbed at previous levels.

Markets Afghanistan and Egyptian Packers lent strong support and were dominant with Yemen and other Middle Eastern countries more active. Sudan, UK, Russia, Kazakhstan and other CIS states maintained enquiry while Iran and Pakistan Packers showed selective interest. Bazaar were quiet while Local Packers maintained activity. Somalia were active at the lower end of the market.