22 Nov

 South India Auction Offered Quantity  

Week 47                  Week 48  

Leaf: 2.21 Mkgs.    Leaf: 2.18 Mkgs.  

Dust: 1.56 Mkgs.   Dust: 1.41 Mkgs.

Cochin Dust :  Good demand: Better type teas barely steady to sometimes irregular on finer grades. Medium and plainer types were steady 

Buying pattern : Packeters internals active, Exporters very selective.

Orthodox Leaf 

Good demand 

High Grown: High growns were barely steady to sometimes irregular . Medium: Medium types barely steady sometimes irregularly easier USC3 to USC7. Some browner types remained unsold.  

 Buying pattern: Packeters, Internals and exporters active.


Leaf – Poor demand: Best types were easier USC12 to USC14. Bright liquoring teas easier USC14 to USC20 and sometimes more depending on quality . Medium and Plainer types easier USC8 to USC14 depending on quality sometimes more on lower quality teas . 60% of the offerings remained unsold. Buying pattern: Packeters, internals and exporters selective

Dust: Fair demand Best types barely steady . Bright liquoring type steady sometimes irregular . Medium and Plainer type PD were easier USC5 to USC7 an finer grades were dearer USC5 to USC8

Buying pattern: Packeters internals and Exporters active.

Crop: Upcoming week’s quantity is slightly lower.