01 Nov

 Week 45                         Week 44

 Leaf: 1.99 Mkgs.          Leaf: Mkgs. 1.90

 Dust: 1.48 Mkgs.         Dust: Mkgs. 1.51


Cochin Dust: 

Good demand: Better liquoring type PD were dearer by USC3 to USC8. Medium and plainer types steady to and sometimes dearer by USC3 to USC8.

Buying pattern: Packeters internals active, Exporters selective.

Orthodox Leaf

Good demand packeters, internals and exporters active.

High Grown: High growns were steady to irregularly dearer.

Medium: Medium types barely steady. Except well-made OP, GBOP, BOPF dearer USC8 to USC sometimes more.

Buying patternPacketers, Internals and exporters active.



Leaf: Good demand. Best types were steady to easier. Bright liquoring teas barely were steady. Some black good liquory BOP BOPS dearer USC& to USC11. Medium types were steady. Plainer types barely steady some BOPL, BOPF dearer USC5 to USC8. 

Buying pattern: Packeters, internals were active. Exporters were selective.

Dust: Good demand. Best types were steady. Bright liquoring type barely steady.
Medium black and good liquoring types dearer USC5 to USC9 and browner types steady. Plainer types steady to dearer USC3 to USC6 and sometimes more. Best types were steady to sometimes dearer.
Buying pattern: Packeters, internalsand exporters active.