31 Jan

South India Auction Offered Quantity   

Week 04                     Week 05  

Leaf: 1.57 Mkgs.      Leaf: 1.38 Mkgs.   

Dust: 1.80 Mkgs.     Dust: 1.59 Mkgs.

Cochin: - Good demand 

Dust : Better types were barely steady to easier by USC3 to USC7 . Medium and plainer types were barely steady except PD grades which were irregular. Buying pattern :Packeters, internals and exporters were active.

Cochin Leaf 

Orthodox LeafGood demand. 

High Grown: High growns were irregularly dearer. 

Medium: Medium types were were dearer by USC14 to USC17 while some secondary types were barely steady.  

Buying pattern: Packeters internals and Exporters were active.


Leaf: Good demand 

Best types were irregularly dearer. Bright liquoring blacker teas were dearer by USC7 to USC11, while browner types were steady. Medium and plainer types were generally steady to occasionally dearer by USC2 to USC3 dearer or easier.

Buying pattern: Packeters and internals were active. Exporters were selective. Dust: Good demand

Best types were irregular to sometimes easier. Bright liquoring teas steady to sometimes easier or dearer by USC2 to USC3.Medium types were steady. Plainer types were easier by USC2 to USC3. 

Buying pattern: Packeters, internals and exporters were active.

Crop: Upcoming week’s quantity is substantially lower