24 Apr

Products under Private Label are goods that are specially made for the chain by manufacturers of well-known brands and are sold only in our stores. 

Why are we doing this? 

Low price. 

Private label is a unique opportunity to offer our customers products that are not inferior in consumer qualities to analogues of well-known brands, but at the same time they cost much less.

The fact is that close cooperation with manufacturers, the absence of intermediaries and advertising costs allows us to give prices lower than prices for similar goods under well-known brands. 


We, like no one else, are interested in the fact that buyers, purchasing our private label products, receive a really high-quality product. Therefore, we control the quality at every stage of production - from the choice of raw materials to the moment the product appears in our stores, and we also involve professionals for this. 

So, all the supplier we have chosen have certificates confirming the quality of products, and all products are checked in independent accredited laboratories. The products of our own brands of our network are, first of all, quality similar to well-known brands, at a lower price, a large selection of goods in completely different segments: from household appliances to groceries. 

This has already been appreciated by our regular customers. 

Our private labels At the moment, the PROFILE of the AL DARIA COPACK offers products to 30 Brands - more than 200 items in total. 

The most widely represented are products under well-known brands in the countries of the Middle East.