07 Jul

By Brian Itava, On picture: President Uhuru Kenyatta feels for the local tea farmers in Mombasa


Subject: Reconstitution of auction catalog

"In the last 10 years the volume of tea traded in the auction has grown by 64% and based on the statistics of the first half of 2020. The volume of tea sold in the auction will be 67% higher than what was sold in the first half of 2019. Management has introduced initiatives to reduce the hours spent by Buyers in the auction room including timing the selling speeds for each catalogue and requiring the selling speed to be maintained at 7 lots per minute.

With a view to address the challenge that the increased volumes is sure to bring, the Board has recommended the reconfiguration of the auction catalogues by splitting the main grade catalogue so that PD and Dust 1 are sold as a separate catalogue on Monday that is distinct from the Secondary catalogue and PFI and BP1 be sold on Tuesday. This will help balance out the time the Buyers spend in the auction between the two days. Please note that the catalogue offering PD and Dust 1 are still main grades sold on Monday.

The effective start date for the reconstituted catalogue is sale 28 of 13th and 14th July 2020. The Main grade catalogue will now consist of Dust and Leaf catalogues sold on Monday and Tuesday respectively. The Dust catalogue will be offered for sale starting at 7:00am until complete and then the secondary catalogue will be offered for sale 30 minutes after completion of the Dust catalogue. The Leaf catalogue will be offered on Tuesday starting at 7:00am.

Kindly be informed of the changes. In case of need for clarification, kindly get in touch with the secretariat."

PREPARED BY: Edward K. Mudibo / Managing Director