25 Oct

Helps overcome massive shortfall in Kenya

 India’s higher tea production has helped over come any problem with global output in view of a massive shortfall in Kenya. Global black tea output so far is estimated at 1.36 billion kg so far this calendar year against 1.23 billion kg during the same period a year ago.  Rajesh Gupta, compiler of Global Tea Digest, said the increase of 136.73 mkg marked a growth of 11.15 per cent. The bulk of the increase has come from India. Production in India increased to 792.49 million kg (mkg) from 670.73 mkg – a 121.76 mkg or 18.15 per cent growth, Gupta said. Sri Lanka’s production was up at 209.61 mkg from 177.35 mkg – an increase of 32.26 mkg or 18.19 per cent. Kenya was the only country where production declined compared with 2020. The output dropped to 274.04 mkg from 301.60 mkg. As India accounted for nearly 122 mkg of the global increase of about 137 mkg., all other countries collectively contributed to a rise of only about 15 mkg. While Kenya pulled down the crop, the increase from countries led by India helped to offset this loss. India topped the global black tea production followed at a distance by Kenya and Sri Lanka. In India, production has risen in all the planting districts in the country thanks to favourable weather conditions. Producers contend that if this rising trend continues the rest of the year, India will have an all-time high record output in 2021. 

Source: The Hindu Businessline