12 Dec

Tea farmers have urged stakeholders to improve the local market before pressuring the government to expand the international market. The farmers from tea growing zones held a meeting with the Tea Board of Kenya and some of the biggest hotels on Friday. During the exhibition various types of modern tea products were showcased. Tea farmers from different organisations also got a chance to interact with businessmen in the hotel sector. Their chairman Boaz Katta said the initiative aims to expand the market for the local produce, which faces many challenges. However, most of the farmers were hopeful that the plan will be successful. In addition, the farmers commended the National government's efforts in strengthening the agriculture sector and market expansion both in the country and abroad. However, they said the main challenge is the tax on value added tea meant for export. Hotel owners said majority of Kenyans have already been attracted by new types of products made from tea leaves and there is great hope in the local market. 

Source: The Star